macro monday

Macro Monday- New Year Resolution

Happy Monday! This weeks Macro Monday theme is New Year Resolution. This year, my resolution is to paint more. It's something that I LOVE to do, yet spend so little time doing it (isn't that sad?) I can't tell you how happy and narcissistic it makes me feel when I look at my walls, and they are filled with paintings!

I also want to grow my etsy "hobby" and turn it into a "business" (ideally, and this is just a whimsical dream-- I would like to be able to be able to make a happy, viable living from this "hobby") I want to be able to add my paintings and drawings to my shop, in addition to adding alot more large photographic prints. I will be looking into spending alot more time marketing myself (which is my LEAST favorite thing to do in the world) and am considering placing ads on different strategic sites (which I've not yet found.) I am also going to submit my cards/prints to the Renegade store in Chicago. (this, by the way, was a resolution from that year that was a major FAIL.)
So now that I've made my deepest, darkest resolution public, I may need some gentle reminders and nudges-- feel free to email/twitter/and or comment here and hold me accountable!!!
Have a great day!!!

Macro Monday- Meaningful holiday ornaments/decorations

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful holiday week! I'm looking forward to another long weekend!!!) This week’s macro Monday is meaningful holiday ornaments. I must confess, i sorta cheated on this one. I don't put up Christmas decorations and I have no ornaments that are meaningful left over from my childhood as my grandma threw away our Christmas tree and all holiday decorations (I am so sad-- I would LOVE to have the aluminum tree that we used to put up! Do you know how awesome and how expensive they are?)

So, this macro Monday shot is one of my shots that my company used as their email Christmas greeting to their customers. I’m pretty excited that we used my photo again (it’s good to be the one who creates the emails!)

Macro Monday- Seeing the light

Happy Monday!!! I'm back with another Macro Monday-- This week's theme is "Seeing the Light." I really like this weeks theme, as I find light to be very important when I shoot!

This is a close-up shot of the face towers that are on Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago (right outside the art institute.) The faces are kinda creepy. They just sorta stare out at each other. But anyways, all these tiny lights make up images of these hulking towers! Close up, they don't really look like much, do they? get a little father away, and they look like this:

photo by chartno3

kinda cool, huh?

Macro Monday- Festive Treats

I've decided to try something a little different with the blog, like, actually be on a schedule and not go weeks (months!) without posting. I think three posts a week should be fairly easy (i say this now...) Actually, now that the holidays are almost over, life will be getting back to normal!!
So, I present to you-- Macro Monday! I am participating in a group on flickr called "Macro Monday," and every week, they post a theme, and our "assignment" is to take a macro shot that fits the theme. Cool, huh? This weeks theme is "Festive Treats"

Festive enough? I love peppermint (mmmm....peppermint mocha's....) and I think that it's a quintessential holiday flavor! We bought these little treats to photograph for for holiday cards. It was eldave's idea to use the wine glass. I think it turned out fabulously!!!

See you Wednesday!
Last week, we came home and found her down the block going through peoples garbage cans.