Link Love

Link Love- March 22, 2013

Happy Friday, friends! I want to share some posts/links of what I've been loving this week!

  • What to do when others try to kill your dreams- Unfortunately when you’re chasing dreams, others may try to bust them, block them, fight them, snatch them, stomp them away. This article encourages you to keep going and gives you several dream killing senarios and what to do when faced with them.


  • Ira Glass on Story Telling- I'm not ashamed to say that i have a huge crush on Ira Glass (don't worry-- G knows all about my crush-- at least, he does now...) I love the video and message.
  • Lost and Taken- Fabulous site that features really great textures that are made freely available for use in both personal and commercial projects.
Image via  Lost and Taken

Image via Lost and Taken


Hope these links help and inspire you! If you know of links/articles/blogs I should feature, please email me or leave a comment below and share! thanks!

Link Love- March 15, 2013

We made it to Friday (I don't know about you, but I barely made it...) Here are a few links/websites that I am absolutely loving this week!!

image via  Susan Sabo

image via Susan Sabo

Why you should ask your photographer to watermark your images- a truly excellent article by my photog-crush, Susan Sabo, about why watermarks are really a good thing. 

Coffitivity- Ambient noise to boost your workday creativity! Now you can have thevibe of a coffee shop right at your desktop

Eater Eggs: Dipping, Marbling, and Specking- For those who want more sophisticatedcolored Easter eggs!

Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking- This video had me in tears (seriously, it's not that hard to do) 

Hope you have a wonderful, adventure-filled weekend!