when i last wrote, i was worried about going out into the big bad suburbs--never fear-- i made it out to the photo studio in one piece and I only was lost for a little bit! Actually, I really enjoyed that experience at the studio-- I was afraid that I wouldn't know what to do, or how to direct the videographer-- but it really wasn't bad at all! Fortunately, the videographer guy was really professional, knew exactly what to do, asked us the right questions, and listened to me when I had different suggestions. Actually, the whole experience reminded me alot of when I used to do community theater-- I was basically the director, telling the videographer how I wanted the products filmed down to pretty minute details-- what color the walls in the background were supposed to be, what was to be on the desk, what sort of clothes the model was to be wearing, etc. The studio itself reminded me of the theater too-- there were fake rooms set up and all sorts of props hanging out. It was pretty cool. I actually get to go back this coming tuesday to shoot two more product videos! **fingers crossed that the videos help sales so I can do more!** I think in the not too distant future, I might even get to shoot "web only" items! (right now, my boss is doing them as I am swamped with work!) I'm rather excited about this possible new direction....

We also went to Albuquerque for my birthday to visit our friends Sarah and Adam. I had the BESTEST time. Seriously, it was awesome! I love Sarah and Adam, they were so nice to chauffeur us around town and to Taos. They took us to the best places to eat, they made us breakfast and dinner, they didn't dump us on the side of the highway... Seriously though, they are wonderful friends adn I'm so happy we finally got to meet!

here's the quick rundown of our awesome weekend (what I remember of it anyway!) Thursday: We landed in ABQ and S&A picked us up from the airport and took us to this awesome mexican place downtown (I don't remember the name of the place, but it's going to be on an upcoming episode of Diner's Drive-ins and Dives) and then took us to a coffee place for coffee and dessert (I think the name of the place was rocket?) We then went to the butterfly pavilion and I got to try out the awesome 75-300mm lens david bought me for my birthday! (omg! that lens ROCKS!) Got some great shots! S had made reservations for us to have high tea at the St. James Tea Room which was awesome despite the icky food (and really, that oolong tea was just plain nasty...) We bought our ugly dolls friends and luchador masks and had a great time just goofing around, freaking out the prim and proper acting waitress with the masks. (seriously, the look on her face while A and D were wearing the masks was priceless)

Friday: S&A picked us up in the morning, ate breakfast, and then drove to Taos. We tooled around the gift shops in the plaza, and then drove out to the Taos Pueblo. amazing. and beautiful.

We also hit Santa Fe on the way back. We went to the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi which was gorgeous. took tons of photos there too!

Saturday: I think this was by far my most favorite day. S&A picked us up in the morning, and S made pancakes for breakfast for us. from scratch! Then, S took me to her favorite yarn store. I gotta tell you, I walked out of there with about $70.00 in yarn (and 2 sets of needles) Yeah, this ain't no Red Lion yarn... We got back to their house, hung out, talked, played the wii, ran out for lunch, came back and S and I decided to knit and have a glass (or 3!) of wine... Seriously, it was the best because it was so relaxing. No crazy running around trying to see as much as possible.
Sunday: woke up depressed because we were leaving in a few hours. S&A picked us up for breakfast (at Sonic cus we have none in chicago!) and took us to the Open Space by the Rio Grande river. It was nice, but sort of bittersweet mood for all of us. I know we didn't want to leave, and I don't think they wanted us to go home either!

I've uploaded a few photos to my flickr, and I will be posting more soon!

i can't wait to go back!