Macro Monday- Festive Treats

I've decided to try something a little different with the blog, like, actually be on a schedule and not go weeks (months!) without posting. I think three posts a week should be fairly easy (i say this now...) Actually, now that the holidays are almost over, life will be getting back to normal!!
So, I present to you-- Macro Monday! I am participating in a group on flickr called "Macro Monday," and every week, they post a theme, and our "assignment" is to take a macro shot that fits the theme. Cool, huh? This weeks theme is "Festive Treats"

Festive enough? I love peppermint (mmmm....peppermint mocha's....) and I think that it's a quintessential holiday flavor! We bought these little treats to photograph for for holiday cards. It was eldave's idea to use the wine glass. I think it turned out fabulously!!!

See you Wednesday!
Last week, we came home and found her down the block going through peoples garbage cans.