i {heart} CuteframesbyK

I {heart} this shop for so many reasons! First of all, CuteframesbyK is a mother/daughter team. I love that! I am all about working with mom! Secondly, they've got a really great assortment of things in their shop!

CuteframesbyK CuteframesbyK

I love when a shop has more than one sort of item-- I will come across a shop because I was looking for one specific thing, but then I poke around and check out what else they offer-- oftentimes, I end up buying something else in addition to what I was looking for-- something that I didn't know I needed, or wanted! CuteframesbyK has really pretty jewelry (really, with as much jewelry as I have favorited, you'd think I was like Mr. T!) I like these angel earrings and think they would make an awesome gift to the angel in your life! She's got a bunch of cute ornaments (I love snowmen!) They even have gifts for the best friends of the family!!! Go check out her shop-- I'm sure you'll find something you'll love!!!!

What I love most about the mother/daughter team of CuteframesbyK is that they have something called "Kochanie Baskets" (it's a Polish term of endearment, kind of like "my love." It's pronounced ko-han-nia) There is a wonderful wonderful story behind the baskets that they put together-- this too, is close to my heart. The idea for these baskets came when she was in the ICU wondering if her Grandma was going to make it. After meeting all the families going through the pain and suffering like she had been, she decided to find a way to bring comfort to those that have lost someone dear to them. These Kochanie baskets are filled with all sorts of things that would bring comfort to grieving families-- tea, hot cocoa, journals, cards... Please stop by her blog and read about her baskets, and if possible, donate some little things that may bring a little light into a family's life. You can find her blog here: Creative Ladies
One weekend where she doesn't have to worry, or we don't have a time limit.