i {heart} gemmafactrix

Hi! Happy Wednesday! (and happy last day of 2008) I don't know about you, I am so ready for this year to be done. I'm looking forward to the new year-- new year, new resolutions that I won't keep... I hope you all have a wonderful (and safe!) New Years celebration. I plan to keep it quiet and simple. A good dinner (pizza!) Maybe some wine? Perhaps a rousing game of scrabble or othello...
Anyway, today's i {heart} feature is gemmafactrix!

gemmafactrix gemmafactrix

I know! I know! More jewelry! I can't help it-- I looooooooooooove everything in gemmafactrix's shop. I love that her jewelry is so simple and elegant. I love the tiny thin stackable rings. One day, I'm actually going to buy them for myself. And wear them. (shocking!) She has such a wonderful and distinct style (not only in her jewelry designs, but in her photography as well!) Love it. So... yeah.. my birthday is coming up if any of you are looking for a gift idea for me...
To find more of gemmafactrix's jewelry designs, check out her etsy shop. To find about about her adventures in the studio, classes she teaches, etc., check out her blog http://gemmashop.typepad.com/

See ya next year!!!
I love getting into that mindset, the creative problem solving-- the flow if you will.