(i so need more days off!!!)
this is an older painting that i decided needed more "oomph." the background used to be a nice light blue, but i felt that the flower didn't stand out. it was a nice painting before, but i'm sooooo glad i added the darker background. i think the flower "pops" so much more now! wooo-hooo!

today was a fabulous day off. though i didn't get to sleep as late as i wanted too (thanks to norridge decided to start street cleaning at 7.30ish am, and then my co-worker calling me at 8 for no reason!) David and i had a nice leisurly morning and then headed off the the Garfield Park Conservatory. A fabulous time was had by all, and, bonus-- NO RAIN!!!!! nothing but 60+ degrees and a mixture of clouds and sun. i can handle that!