is it really Monday already?

so, I took friday off-- I've got to say, it was a wonderful and productive day! David and I went out for breakfast and stopped at many garage sales-- it was one of those "Oh look! there's a sign" followed by a very erratic turn sort of scenarios. We did pretty good. I got a STACK of 1950's National Geographic maps, and David got 5 new box planters for our indoor garden. Not too bad!

After we got home from breakfast, I prepped some salvaged wood pieces from ikea and started 3 different painting! It was very productive!!! I'll take pictures of them when they are a little closer to completion (they are actually small enough where I might really finish them!!!!) Perhaps I'll paint tonite....

In the evening, David and I made our way to the Rosemont Convention Center to hear Warren Ellis, a comic book writer, speak. That was okay. I realized that I am not nerdy enough to hang with that crowd (and also, I seemed to be much older than most in the crowd...) All in all, it was a great Friday! (I **so** needed that!)

Saturday and Sunday was more of the same-- hanging out with grams. The highlight Saturday was having dinner with Miranda and her boyfriend, and Cindi and her man. They are so much fun to hang out with!

and now, it's monday. (well, monday evening actually!) I'm making dinner (shhh! I just like to pretend that I can't cook-- I'm actually not so bad) and updating my mom's etsy shop while waiting for david to get home.

C'mon Friday! hurry up!!!