i'm running out of family!

1. so early this week (i think it was sunday?) my great uncle's brother in California passed away. I'm actually really sad I never got to meet him, he sounded like a really wonderful man. My uncle was telling us how he always had a smile and was always happy and full of life. Unfortunately he couldn't go back home to California for the services as he had to stay home with his nearly senile wife.

2. Early Friday, my favorite aunts father-in-law passed away. He was suffering from bone cancer and these last few years have been incredibly painful for him. He went to the hospital wednesday to have fluid removed from his body and that's when they discovered his kidneys were failing (he would have had to have dialysis every day, multiple times a day) and that he had the mrsa infection. He just keep declining...

3. This afternoon, my mom and my aunts (yes, the same aunt who's FIL passed away yesterday!) cousin in Montana passed away. He was another sick individual. He had emphysema, pneumonia, a heart attack early this week... unfortunately, I don't think we can make it out to Montana for the funeral-- my grandma is a little too frail for the flight and i hate to say that cost is also a factor here... we just don't have the monies for all of us to make that trip.

4. When we called my sister this afternoon to let her know about my moms/aunt cousin (i've always called him an uncle) passing away, she told us she and the kids had just gotten back from Tennessee-- her grandma-in-law passed away earlier in the week.

needless to say that everyone in my family has a heavy heart :(