oh man, it's monday already---wait--it's TUESDAY!

Happy Tuesday!
I hope you all had a wonderful and fun 4th of July holiday weekend. I actually had a great great time Friday. David and I went to my most favorite place ever, and I got some fabulous shots (thanks to his long arms!) I definately have some new etsy material!!!!

We also saw Wall-E-- what a great movie! I loved everything about it (even the social message, which I think may have been a turn off for some people...) I cried like a baby, and I swear I saw David dab at the corner of his eyes too...

Saturday and Sunday was spent hanging with my grandma, working in my diabolical crafting lab working on these babies for my mom's shop, and getting my butt kicked at chess. (david, I am challenging you to a rematch, but in "Go Fish" instead...)

In more exciting news, I will be working (very part time) at Craft Fancy, my friend's new scrapbook store! I cannot tell you how excited I am! I will be working there a few Fridays each month (starting this week!!!) I know this may sound strange, but I really enjoy working retail. (it's so nice to be able to connect and chat with people after a long day of sitting at your desk and talking to no one...) What I am not excited about, however, is the fact that I think my scrapbook stash will start to grow again! (they have such cute stuff-- I am powerless to resist!)

that's about it for now! have a great day!