Macro Monday- Metallic Surfaces

Hello! Happy Monday!
This weekend was pretty quiet (I'm so thankful!) I worked late Friday night at Craft Fancy (we had a crop!) Seriously, I'm thinking of going to Starbucks and ordering a large espresso. Red eyes and black eyes aren't enough for me to keep me awake and somewhat alert on these late late nights!
Saturday was spent with grandma. We had a nice and quiet day. She didn't do anything nutty, which in my book, constitutes a good day. Saturday evening I painted! I've got two coffee cup paintings that are nearly done. All I have left is to add some details and paint the edges. I just have to wait for them to dry a bit. I'm also nearly finished with a small orchid painting that I swear I've repainted at least 83 times now. Again, it just needs details! I even busted out the iron man painting that was supposed to be David's birthday present 2 years ago. It's still not finished. No where near being finished, in fact. Maybe I'll be able to give it to him next year....
Sunday was quiet too. Spent it painting and working on orders and stuff. A really nice and chill weekend overall.  (I'd like another please...)

Well,  it's Monday-- that means it's time business! Today's macro monday is "metallic surfaces"

This is the rusty handle on the gate to the English Walled Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden. This is one of my favorite details in the garden-- isn't the rust so perfect?
love it!
She lifted her head, looked at him, and passed on.