New Arrival Friday!

Good morning! Happy Friday to you! I hope that 2009 is treating you well! I seriously can't complain-- I've had yesterday and today off of work (I can't tell you how AWESOME this has been) And while I have to work at Craft Fancy tonite, I'm looking forward to going in-- its been a while since I've been there (stupid snow.) I'm looking forward to their after Christmas sale, as well as all being surrounded by all the awesome paper crafting related eye candy! Nothing makes you want to go home and be creative than being surrouned for several hours with this stuff!!!!

So, today is my new arrivals friday. I have a brand-new note card set listed in my shops-- another vintage looking note floral set. I think I love this one more than the last one!!!

Grandma's Garden Greeting Cards (series 2)-- Set of 3 Grandma's Garden Greeting Cards (series 2)-- Set of 3

You can find these gorgeous greeting (and a TON more!) in my Art Fire Shop:

as well as in my etsy shop

Thanks!!!! Go out and have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!!!
And not be afraid to send them out into the world.