Macro Mondays-Numerical

oh man, I can't believe it's monday already. I am so not happy about that. I had a quiet weekend of painting, sitting with grams, and relaxing a bit. I'm just not quite ready to face a monday. Maybe after 4 or 5 cups of coffee. But not yet.

Today's macro Monday theme is "numerical." This is the bar code and lot number of the really really expensive yarn I bought when I was in New Mexico.
Macro Mondays- Numerical

It's soooooo pretty, and sooooo soft-- I love it! So yeah, I'm making a scarf with it. But wait! It's not just a plain scarf-- it has a (slight) pattern! It's a ribbed pattern that Sarah taught me when I was in NM. Don't laugh! This is the most complicated thing I can handle!

One day, I might actually finish it...