i {heart} FairyMade

Hello! Happy Friday!!!!
I think I'm going to reinstate my i{heart} series!!! (I've got sooooooo many shops and awesome products that I've bookmarked...)
So today i {heart} FairyMade!
FairyMade is a jewelry company that was started by my friend Hilary. Not only is she one of the most awesome people I know, she's a wonderful artist as well!!! FairyMade makes every piece of jewelry by hand, chooses rich stones, gems, and glass that emulate the beauty within in you.Β  FairyMade strives to create jewelry that's in style now, and will stay that way and refers to these pieces as the "new classics."

I can attest to the beauty and craftmanship of these pieces. I just received this gorgeous bracelet from FairyMade and I absolutely LOVE it.Β  Look how awesome it is:
Check out her website and her product catalog here:

To inquire how to have a custom bracelet made just for you, please email Hilary at fairymade09@hotmail.com