fighting off the ick

good morning! (happy monday!) I've got nothing new and or of importance to say today. I've been too busy fighting off the ick. When my mom was sick, I came out unscathed. My three team mates at work have been sick. Me? Healthy as can be. This woman, who is not on my team, who I never have any contact with whatsoever (except that she sits kitty corner across the wall from me) comes into work last week, sick as a dog (I mean, puking and everything) and I get sick. Seriously people, when you are that sick-- stay HOME. Please. for the love of pete.

robot doctor by creativeapples

I'm hoping that I can get over this thing before I have to stay with grandma this Saturday. We can't afford to get her sick. :( I've been dosing up on the vitamin C, and my co-worker recommended Zycam (going to look into that during lunch today.) I am *so* not a happy camper.

hope you all have a good (and healthy!) day!