i {heart} ndtphoto

I would like to say that *I* discovered ndtphoto, but I think he discovered me! Boy, I got a pleasant surprise when I checked out who this new person was who had followed me on twitter. I clicked on his shop and noticed this print IMMEDIATELY:

Man's Best Friend from ndtphoto.esty.com
(this totally brought out my 6th grade self who wanted to be an archaeologist when she grew up!)

Ha! Look at that! Twitter worked!
We actually traded, and I got this print the other day and I am so in love with it! What a fun, fun, fun photo. The quality is excellent too. I can't wait to get this bad boy up on my wall!!!!
Here are a few other great prints from his shop:


Don't forget to check out his shop-- you can find these prints, and many more cool ones here:
Happy shopping!