005/365, originally uploaded by rottnapples.

so yeah, i wanted something different for today's shot. I was on my way to Craft Fancy and thought I should check out this cemetery since I had never been there before (it's on Central, just off of Rand Rd.) So I drive in, pick a direction and head down the road. well... the end of the road was blocked off! I had to back my car up almost the whole way and was having EXTREME difficulty (read:not able to) trying to drive in reverse through a curve. (For those who know me and how I freak out in these situations, you would have been very very amused.) I saw that there was a "path" (as in, a driven path, not plowed) in the snow leading out to an exit. so... I turned down the path. And promptly got stuck. *sigh*

(i finally did manage to get unstuck and out of the cemetery...)

**note to self-- no more cemeteries until the spring...