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I'm doing the unthinkable. I'm giving up sugar for Lent. No cookies, cake, chocolate, brownies, red-velvet cupcakes, overly sugared cereals (that mean you, frosted shredded mini-wheats) and, quite possibly the most difficult-- no sugar in my coffee or tea.

yeah. you heard me. no sugar added to my coffee.

I thought about giving up meat, but that would be too easy. I thought about giving up coffee, but frankly, I value the lives of those around me too much. I wanted to give up something that would be a daily challenge and I believe giving up sugar will be challenging.

I'm not talking about giving up ALL sugar. If it's added to a meal and I don't know about it, its okay. I'm just talking about overt sugar in the form of delicious and delectable sweets. and, of course-- straight sugar.

so far, I'm on day two of this sugar hiatus. I gotta tell ya, starbucks coffee is seriously NASTY....