stay tuned-- some photographic experimentation coming your way...

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Exakta V.

I bought this camera because first of all, it looks cool, and secondly, for it's ttv potential. I am really liking the vintage, old skool, dirty ttv look in photography. I am starting to experiment (re: have more fun!) I bought a few vintage camera gems for ttv, I got a Diana camera as a gift and have shot a roll of film (yes! they still make film!) I have yet to have it developed. In the meantime I also have a new Holga to play with, and two polaroid cameras too. (This is going to be a busy spring and summer!)

here are a few experimental ttv shots I've taken.

aken with the Exakta V


taken with the Argoflex 75

taken with one of my kodak twin lens reflex cameras