lensbaby lensbaby

I got to play with a Lensbaby for the first time the other day. I met up with my friend, John, and tried out his super cool lensbaby set. I think I am in love with these lenses-- the effect that they give is the exactly what I want-- that soft, out of focus, dreamy, i-shot-this-with-a-cheap-plastic-camera look.  (And, presumably, they won't fall off my camera like what happened with the Diana lens fiasco...)

If I were to pick up this lens, I would purchase with the Composer-- it seems like it would be a little easier to use than the Muse. I had a really difficult time trying to hold the lens in place while shooting. (Maybe that's the point? To be fast and loose?) Does any one have the Composer? What are your thoughts? Or, should I get the crazy looking Control Freak?

here are some shots I took with the Lensbaby Muse...


so. totally. in. love.

hey... my birthday is coming up **wink, wink, nudge, nudge**

Check out the flickr Lenbabies group and check out more (even better!) examples of Lensbaby photography-- it's really fun stuff!