Weekend Wrap Up

Hello! Happy Monday!
Downtown Chicago

Thompson Center, Downtown Chicago
This weekend was pretty quiet, but good.  I went downtown with my mom on Friday. We had a nice time, and got some business taken care of. It was a good adventure! I'm not sure when the last time mom was on a Chicago bus... maybe 30 years ago? She remembered when the bus far was .75 and we had those big inefficient green CTA buses (with no air conditoning!) Ah, the good ole days...

image via Gaper's Block

Saturday's highlight was cleaning out my clothes closet. I got rid of 3 LARGE trash bags of clothes/shoes that don't fit or that I haven't worn in 5-10 years. My closet is beautiful now! (though I still need a dresser...) However, now that my closet is nearly empty, its time to fill it up again, right? Exhausted, I spent the rest of the evening working on my friend's super secret gift!

Sunday's highlight was painting! YES! that's right-- you read correctly-- I painted! My intention was just to experiment with enhancing some clouds, and it turned out really good.  Two hours later, I nearly reworked the whole canvas and it looks sooooo much better now. I only have a little bit left to work on and then it will be finished (finally!!)  Here's the canvas I worked on (Here's the before shot...)

CreativeApples PaintingUpdates pics to come!!

Hope you had a great weekend!