Digital Scavenger Hunt- Summer 2010

Hello! For the past two weeks, I've been participating in a super fun digital scavenger hunt sponsored by Pink Dandy. We were challenged to take photos of things that portrayed the following words...Love, Crime, Heat, Organic, Nature, Broken, Colorful and Tall.  Here are my entries:


This is Aine and she belongs to my friend, Nan.  Dogs are the perfect example of unconditional LOVE.  (I *so* wanted to take her home with me! She's the cutest puppy ever!)


This is my entry for CRIME. I know, it's a little lame. I was hoping to spot a police cruiser, but surprisingly, I didn't see any all weekend. So I took this shot, reminding people that at this particular intersection it's a crime to turn on red when pedestrians are present. There, that's my public service announcement for the day!


This is my entry for HEAT. Say hello to my genuine 1970's GE electric oven! I can't cook anything in here to save my life. Everything either comes out too burnt, or too raw in the middle. And, sometime, as a bonus, they will turn out burnt AND raw in the middle!! This is why I don't cook... (well, it's the excuse I tell myself, anyway...)


mmm...ORGANIC yogurt from Trader Joe's. A favorite of mine!


I came across this stunning example of NATURE this weekend when I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden!


This is my BROKEN first generation ipod. Yeah, you know, those big chunky bricks with spinning hard drives? Yeah, this one bit the dust a few years ago. After the second time it broke, I decided it was time to invest in something with a non-spinning flash drive (hello ipod nano!) Sure, the nano is slightly smaller--went from 20+ gigs to 4-- that was quite an adjustment, but at least it hasn't broken!


This COLORFUL butterfly photo was taken last week at the Peggy Notabaert Nature Museum!


I absolutely love the prairie section at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I especially love how TALL the grasses and the sunflowers get!