Digital Photography Field Trip at the Chicago Botanic Garden- Review and photos

This weekend was pretty nice!!! Saturday I had my Digital Photography Field Trip Class at the Chicago Botanic Garden-- I've got one word to describe it-- AWESOME. The weather was perfect, my student was awesome, and our shots were awesome!!! We played with our shutter speed settings and photographed the waterfall to get the soft and dreamy smooth water effect.  Too cool.  Here are some of my shots from Saturday morning's class:

Digital Photography Field Trip

More photos will be added to my flickr soon! To see photos from our previous Previous Digital Photography Field Trip Classes, please check out the following links:

September's Digital Photography Field Trip Class will be on September 11th 10:00 am to noon atCantigny Gardens in Wheeling. There will be a civil war reenactment this weekend as well which will provide interesting photo opportunities! They have a garden, classic colonial style buildings, and tanks (the fact that they have military tanks kinda throws me off, but it does make for some unique photo ops!)

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