Three Car Crash Shakes Up Rare Perfect Monday Afternoon

You know, as far as Monday's go, I've had better. Actually, yesterday started out really well. I was having a fabulous morning-- getting lots of stuff done at work and I was excited about a new project I was going to start in the afternoon. I was heading home for lunch to pick up my tax info (I had a tax appt. in the afternoon.) That's when the afternoon took a turn for the worse...

I was stopped on East River Road waiting to turn left into my parking lot when I was hit from behind, and then I was hit again. I think the babe in the Mercury Van hit me, and then a third little blue car hit the van which in turn hit me again. I have no idea-- i didn't see it coming. The impact was so much that it caused my glasses to fly off!

my poor car...

I felt pretty jarred up and my neck was hurting afterwards so I went to the ER. Thankfully, it was nothing more than an acute neck strain. I'm really sore and stiff today-- my head, neck and upper back hurts, and my arms hurt like I had been lifting weights. I'm fortunate that it wasn't more serious, and I'm glad my car did what it was supposed to-- keep me safe-- but now I have to go thru the drama and hassle of getting it fixed and dealing with insurance companies.

my poor car :(

(if you look close, you can see the Mercury emblem on my bumper!)

I might be taking it easy with posting this week while I rest up a bit and catch up with work and take care of my car/insurance issues. Thanks for your well wishes and your understanding!

Take care!