omg! I said yes!

where to begin, where to begin!

So yeah, I'm engaged! (I know, total shock to me too!)

G and I had been talking about the big M word, but you know, it was only casual talk. I've had that casual talk with others before, so I didn't put any stock in it.  On a random Wednesday, G called me at worked and wanted to know if i wanted to go to the Botanic Garden to take pictures. While very surprised at the suggestion, I had a meeting in the total opposite direction right after work and it would have been a long awful drive in rush hour to get out to Glencoe. Plus, I was already planning to go that weekend. I suggestion we go to the Spring Valley Nature Center in Schaumburg instead. It's not as nice as the botanic garden, but it has it's own charm. I thought it would have been a good opportunity to photograph the prairie grasses in the sunset.

After a longer meeting than expected, I finally arrive at G's apartment and we hurry up and head out to the Nature Center. We arrived just in time for the Golden Hour, the light is stunning and I'm in photographer's heaven. I was busy taking photos and at one point, i look over my shoulder and I see G on one knee. My first thought was "did you trip? are you tying your shoe?" When i walked over to him, he pulled out a lovely ring and asked me to marry him! My first response? "are you f***ing kidding me? Are you serious?


(i did say yes, eventually!)


That was the end of June… Fast forward about a month…

We had been talking about buying a house since the market has been so favorable for buyers. I had been thinking of buying one on my own for a while, and now that we're engaged, I thought we should look together. G set up an appointment with his family's real estate agent friend (if you need a good real estate agent and live in the Chicagoland area, I will gladly send you her info-- she's wonderful!) They went out to see some places on a Thursday. He saw a few that he liked and we made another appointment for me to go looking with them on Friday.

They showed me the townhouse that they all liked best first. I walked in and fell in love. HARD. It was perfect. Newer construction (only about 7years old) new carpet, freshly painted, new appliances (only missing a refrigerator, washing machine and dryer) two bedrooms, loft, HUGE dramatic entry way, partially finished basement. oh, and did i mention it was a foreclosure? We put an offer in an hour later. that was the ONLY place I looked at.

I know what you're thinking-- I'm totally crazy. But I'm not. It. was. perfect. AND, it was a ridiculously good deal. A steal, if you will. I knew that I wouldn't find another place that was in THAT good of condition (it's totally move in ready minus the missing refrigerator) that has nearly everything on our wish list for THAT good of a price.

Monday, our offer was accepted. (yay!!!) We're scheduled to close September 8th or 9th. I can't wait! I'll post photos closer to closing time!!!!

That's what's been going on in my world lately. A complete change-up, that's for sure! And you know what, I couldn't be happier!