My Love/Hate Relationship with Las Vegas part 2: What I Loved

Last time I told you about what I hated in Las Vegas. Let me tell you about the parts of Vegas that I loved:

1. Red Rock Canyon. GORGEOUS! We got up really early one morning and drove out there just after sunrise. It. Was. Gorgeous. I would go back in a heart beat.
(show photos!)

I might have to go back-- the combination of the cropped sensor camera and 85mm lens that I rented prevented me from being able to capture the amazing expansive landscapes. Thank God for the iPhone (you should see the husbands panoramas!)

I gotta give props to the husbter for taking this amazing panoramic shot!

2. I LOVED the Neon Museum! I have to go back. This is the place where the old iconic vintage Vegas signs either get restored, or retired and spend the rest of their days sitting out basking in the sun. This tour was fantastic. Great history, incredible signs. Again, I have to go back with my camera and lenses!

3. Fremont Street was pretty neat. The dome or canopy was cool, i guess. There's a laser light show and music. I wish that I had been to that section of Vegas before that canopy was created. I LOVED the iconic signs that would have been much cooler photos without all the light/noise behind them.

4. The hoover dam was amazing! Such a feat of human ingenuity! It was definitely something to see. I really didn't think I would like the dam and the dam tour (ha! the dam tour!) but it was really educational. I'm so glad we got to go!

5. The dolphin show at the Mirage! Seriously, I think that was one of the highlights of the trip (for me, anyway! The hubster's highlight was shaking hands with the old man from pawn stars) We went just before the show closed so it wasn't crowded, we had great views of the dolphins, and I got some pretty awesome photos! we were so close that i could have just reached out and petted them!

I know! So close, right?!!  

I had a really good time, especially when we weren't on the Strip. I'm really glad that I stopped fighting G and agreed to go!

Our next adventure? Monterey and Big Sur in California! We're leaving tomorrow for a little weekend getaway to celebrate our first anniversary. (HOLY CRAP! It's been a YEAR already!) I'm sure I'll have a few (ahem!) photos to share with you from this adventure and I'll be sharing some on Instagram, so follow me!!! In the meantime, if you know any place that I HAVE to see while I'm in Monterey and Big Sur, please let me know!!!


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