Happy September + Free Desktop Wallpaper

I look forward to September. It really is the most wonderful time of year (for me!) It's the beginning of pumpkin everything season, the weather will be cooler, the trees will be prettier, and wearing sweaters will finally not be frowned upon.

Fall Leaf - april bern photography

This September going to be exciting! Next week I start an online painting class. It’s from an artist I admire in a medium I have no idea how to work with (acrylic). I’m sooo looking forward to finally learning how to paint with acrylics. I’ve tried on my own, and I’m completely clueless and I hate what I’m doing. I’m a “I need extreme hand holding when learning a new thing” kind of person, and this workshop looks like it’s exactly what I need.

Another reason why September the best month: We’re going on a little mini vacation. I finally decided where— Santa Fe. Why Santa Fe? Well, it’s cheaper than Hawaii and prettier than anywhere in the Midwest. I wanted to go someplace meaningful and Taos and Abiquiú meet that requirement (hint, they were where my most favorite artist spent a lot of time and called home) I also wanted a vacation where I didn’t feel like I would need to “run, run, run and see all I can see in 4 days” like I usually spend my vacations.  I plan on sightseeing and photographing some beautiful landscapes, but I’d like to also stroll around the town, take in some art galleries, maybe visit the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and relax. I might even get crazy and pamper myself. It could happen.

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Yay September!  Bring on the pumpkins and comfortable sweater weather!

What are you looking forward to this month? Let me know in the comments section below! I’d love to share in your excitement!