WIP Wednesday - Coffee Cup and Cream Painting

Happy Wednesday!

So, this isn't exactly a work in progress... this painting, I'm happy to report, is finished!

Coffee Cup Oil Painting - april bern

I'm really pleased with how this turned out. This was one of those paintings, however, that had some real ugly moments. I almost decided to gesso it and start over at one point. But I kept working through the ugly phase, and I'm really glad I did.

Here are some in progress shots that I hope you find helpful and inspirational.

Coffee Work in Progress - Step One

Off to a good start!

WIP Coffee Painting - Step Two

So far, so good! I really love how the background is turning out. 

Coffee WIP - Step Three

Here's where I begin to dislike the direction it's going.  The cream in the center is not turning out like I wanted, and I really have doubts about the saucer. I seriously consider starting over. (This, my friends, is the ugly phase.) I want the saucer to be exact. I want to replicate the beautiful pattern exactly and it really bugs me that it's not turning out that way.

WIP Coffee Painting Step Four

Once I let go of my need for the saucer to be exact and photo-realistic, I begin to like the painting so much more. After a few days of rest, I like that the pattern on the saucer is loose and suggestive.

Coffee WIP Finished

Ta-da! Finished!

This will be up for sale in my shop the next time I have an opportunity to photograph it properly. I'll keep you posted!


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