Mermaid Theme Smash Cake Session - Baby Ellie

It's been a while since I've done a smash cake session, so when Ellie's mom asked us if we could do one for her, it was a resounding "YES!"  Smash cake sessions are so much fun to plan and to shoot. We discussed with mom what sort of theme she wanted and she mentioned she was considering a mermaid theme. You know when you hear something and you get a flood of ideas about how that thing should look or be? That was totally me. I had a TON of ideas and I couldn't wait to get started!

Mermaid Theme Smash Cake Session

This photo shoot turned out EXACTLY the way I had planned. I found a paper mache box and painted it to look like a treasure chest. We made pearl and beaded jewelry and used starfish and other shells from previous photo shoots to decorate in and around the chest. The fabric backdrop was from Joann's and my mom and I made the little headband Ellie is wearing and it's totally my favorite part of this whole setup.


Oh my goodness!!! Isn't she the sweetest?!


Ellie's mom even picked up the perfect cake for her that matched our theme perfectly!


Ellie wasn't too sure of the cake though. She was way more interested in her necklace and the other shiny beads. She's totally a girl after my own heart...


Ellie was so sweet and expressive and thoroughly enjoyed the balloons, her cake, and most of all, her jewelry.  And the best part is that mom and dad will have super cute photos to remember this special occasion for years to come!




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