Friday Photo Roundup - February 17

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a good week. My week was fantastic, especially because I took a half-day at work on Monday to go to the Botanic Garden to see the Orchid Show.  And it did not disappoint! In fact, I'm bringing my mom there today so she can enjoy it and take photos. Be prepared for a ton of orchid photos next week, and maybe the week after, and the week after that...

This week, since I'm still editing photos from Monday's extravaganza, I decided to post some favorite non-orchid photos from my second trip, this time with mom, to the Nicholas Conservatory in Rockford, and, as predicted, she LOVED it. We were even able to take a few more adorable gnome photos that I will be posting and listing in the shops! 

Nicholas Conservatory-Red Antherium
Nicholas Conservatory-Koi
Nicholas Conservatory Orchid Heads
Nicholas Conservatory - Greenery
Nicholas Conservatory White Antherium

I hope you have a lovely weekend and if you get a chance, get out and enjoy it.

See you next week!


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