WIP - Brand New Garden Videos

Last summer, inbetween photographing all the pretty things, I took a few video clips of flowers and scenery while at the Garden.

april bern photography

I had a little idea in my head of what I wanted to do with these clips, but, you know how it goes with little ideas; they usually get pushed aside by the bigger and flashier ideas that fight for your attention. And then before you know it, those poor little ideas just sit on the back burner. Well, this little idea has been simmering long enough. I'm super exited to share my new teeny video I made with the clips from previous Garden adventures.

Click to view my Garden Video

I was so thrilled with how it turned out that I went back to the Garden last week, shot a bunch of new clips and came home and created this little spring video:

I am absolutely in love with the whole process: finding the perfect moments, capturing them, and editing them all together and creating a little story. I'm just sorry that this little idea sat on the back burner for so long!

I would love it if you check out and subscribe to my budding YouTube channel. You'll find these videos, as well as some "painting in progress" videos I created years ago.  I'm working on a little video featuring the orchids from the Orchid Show that I hope to have ready next week!

Have a great week and remember, an idea is still an idea no matter how small!




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