WIP - Two brand new cacti paintings

Happy New Year! I hope your 2018 is off to a wonderful start. Mine is going pretty well so far despite already breaking most of my resolutions. There's always next year, right? :)  The one resolution I am keeping, however, is painting. I've been playing with abstract acrylics (you can find a few examples here) and continuing painting my cactus and succulent obsession. Here's my latest project:

Almost finished Cacti paintings

I love how they are coming along! I created a fun little video if you wanted to watch the progress:

WIP - Cactus Painting
cacti painting work in progress
cacti WIP.jpg
Cactus on Yellow Background
Cacti WIP - Cacti on Orange Wall
cacti on orange wall - WIP

This one is almost finished. I have a few more details to add and I need to paint the bottom side of the painting. I'm undecided if I should carry the cacti design onto it, or if I should paint it the orangey-pink wall color. What do you think? The cactus on the yellow background needs a bit more work too, but I love how it turned out so far. I can't wait to work on them some more tonight!

Have a great day!



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