Happy 2019!

Happy 2019! 

Happy 2019

I don’t usually make resolutions (mostly because by the end of January, I’ve all but forgotten about them.) But I am going to make one this year. I resolve to say yes to my ideas and plans and bring them into fruition.  

Do you know how many ideas i have that i think are so awesome and fun that I start to do, or begin planning, but then i end up talking myself out of doing? I begin to think that my ideas are dumb, or that no one would care, etc. I have a long list of blog post topics and tutorials that I have never written, a ton of ideas for new listings in my shops that I have never added, ideas for paintings and sketchbooks that I think would be super fun to do that I have never started, a ton of garden projects that I haven’t done yet. All because I start to talk myself out of them. I begin tell myself that these ideas are dumb, they are a waste of time, no one will care about them, or see them, so why bother. How many people I cheated out of seeing or reading something that delighted them, or helped them in some way? How many opportunities have i missed out on because i talked myself out of putting myself and my ideas out into the world? How much joy and satisfaction have I missed out on because I didn’t do the thing? 

This year I will write the blog post, even though no one may read it. I will add new listings to my shop even though no one may buy it. I will paint and play in sketchbooks even though it may be silly and frivolous and I cant sell it. I will start my garden projects even though no one but me and mom mom will see it. I will do the things, all the things, because I will enjoy it. Because I love doing those things. Because it will make me happy. Because I will express myself.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

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