WIP - Brand New Succulent Painting

I'm so excited to show you what I've been working on in between my recent #the100DayProject paintings. I started sketching my idea for this painting last year, but put it on the side in order to take part in two indie art & craft shows. This year I spent a ton of time painting and prepping tons of tiny cacti paintings for two art shows/markets and a consignment shop in Chicago. Then the 100 Day Project started and I’ve been holed up in my studio working on these tiny paintings every night. Whew! So, I've been painting, just nothing larger than 3"x3" inches. Until this past week.

This painting has been calling me. For months. Every time I saw her in the studio, half drawn out, I felt such a pang to paint. I finally succumbed last week and I’m so glad I did!


Yes, I did number the leaves on the painting and on my reference photo. It helps to keep track of the leaves as I draw.


I'm in love with this painting! I realize I probably say this about every painting I work on, but really, it's true. You know that feeling when you have a brand new boyfriend/girlfriend and you cannot stop thinking about them? And when you're with them, time goes by so fast and all of a sudden you look up it's 2am and you are way past curfew? You muddle through the next day and the thought of seeing them keeps you going? This is exactly how I feel about this painting.

I hope you have a project that makes you feel like this!


Happy creating!





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