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Five Things Friday- May 16, 2014

Hey! Happy Friday! I hope you're not waking up to snow today like the folks a little more north and west of my house did this morning! For the love of all things holy, it's the middle of MAY!

Here are the five things I'm loving this week:

image via  craftberry bush

image via craftberry bush

1. To do: THIS. I'm so in love with this project and its perfect for me-- I have like 6 different birdcages I bought to house little plants. I hadn't thought of using succulents-- til now!

2. Watching: This. You just gotta keep creating!

3. Totally loving: This coffee machine I bought, inspired by the amazing coffee I had while in Italy. I came home and my keurig just wasn't as tasty anymore....

4. Living:  This website that focuses on eating healthy and removing processed foods from your diet. We've been trying this, and it's definitely NOT easy. We ate so well and felt so good while we were in Italy (nothing has HFCS there!) that we wanted to keep eating well when we arrived home. This website is a good resource.

5. Listening to: This. Good grooves for a Friday morning!

Have a great weekend!!

Weekly Link Roundup- March 7, 2014

Happy Friday!

Here's what I've been up to/reading/lusting over this week!

image via  CraftBerry Bush

image via CraftBerry Bush

Do this: I LOVE LOVE LOVE these paper succulents! I can't wait to try this tutorial!

Currently reading: this book about food and food choices. It's excellent and I HIGHLY recommend it. You won't be eating the same way after reading it, I promise.

Interesting article: This article about why we (especially me!) don't get shit done.

Listening to: This. I CANNOT get enough of this song.

Check out: this fun group on flickr. Every week they post a theme and you submit your shots that illustrate the theme. This weeks theme looks fun! I miss the old days of flickr, don't you? If you're on flickr, leave your flickr link in the comments section-- I'd love to connect with you there!

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Link Roundup- February 21, 2014

Yay! We made it to another Friday! Here are a few things to check out this week!

image via  Urban Comfort

image via Urban Comfort

To Do: This super cool DIY from Urban Comfort. I am in LOVE with these leaf bowls! (So, were can I find unique leaves in Chicago-land in the winter?)

Currently reading: This book. (At least it won't make me cry) Has anyone else read it? What did you think?

Interesting articles: This article about 4 ways to make your mind work better. I definitely need to work on sleeping more, and not wasting so much time on the internet....

Currently watching: This TV show. I'm not proud to admit that I'm hooked on a silly tv show (other than Game of Thrones!), but it's really good. The story is interesting and complex and the acting is quite superb.

Currently listening: this CD. It's my most favorite flamenco CD of all time!

Link Love- April 26, 2013

Here's what I'm LOVING this week!!!! Have a great weekend (I hope you have  chance to go out and enjoy!)

image via  free people

image via free people

DIY painted feathers- a fun way to dress up some plain fake feathers you find in craft stores. 

Ron Finley: A guerrilla- gardener in South Central LA-  "Gardening is my graffiti"  Really inspiring TED talk. Go watch it! Gangsta gardeners! YES!

5 things I won't do in my garden again- really great post of a beginning gardeners pitfalls and how she's planning to do things differently this year.

You can do this- If you're having doubts about your photography business, painting, writing, being a teacher, anything really... please give this a read-- this was written for you.

“Hell, There Are No Rules Here--We’re Trying to Accomplish Something.”- Sometimes, you've got to forget the rules and create!

Link Love- April 19th, 2013

Happy Friday, friends! I wanted to share a few links/sites I found this week that I really enjoy. I hope you do to!  

image via  simplified bee

image via simplified bee

I hope that you have a good weekend! I look forward to sharing some of my gardening adventures with you next week!

Link Love- April 12, 2013

Hi! Hooray! We finally made it to Friday! I hope you had a good week. Here are some of the links/sites that I'm loving this week-- I hope you enjoy!

image via  Calming Manatee

image via Calming Manatee

  • Calming Manatee- Everyone knows that manatees are the most calming creatures in the animal kingdom.
  • Your idea sucks, now go do it anyway- Newsflash: Your idea probably sucks, and it doesn’t matter because your business will probably turn out to be something completely different.
image via  Alisa Burke

image via Alisa Burke

  • Dear Photograph- I love reading the stories that go along with the photos. Really heartwarming and heart string tugging.  Make sure you have tissue nearby...
image via  Dear Photograph

image via Dear Photograph

image via  Everything Etsy

image via Everything Etsy

Have a great weekend!! Go do something fun and creative!