Link Love- April 12, 2013

Hi! Hooray! We finally made it to Friday! I hope you had a good week. Here are some of the links/sites that I'm loving this week-- I hope you enjoy!

image via  Calming Manatee

image via Calming Manatee

  • Calming Manatee- Everyone knows that manatees are the most calming creatures in the animal kingdom.
  • Your idea sucks, now go do it anyway- Newsflash: Your idea probably sucks, and it doesn’t matter because your business will probably turn out to be something completely different.
image via  Alisa Burke

image via Alisa Burke

  • Dear Photograph- I love reading the stories that go along with the photos. Really heartwarming and heart string tugging.  Make sure you have tissue nearby...
image via  Dear Photograph

image via Dear Photograph

image via  Everything Etsy

image via Everything Etsy

Have a great weekend!! Go do something fun and creative!