Wednesday Inspiration- Sloths

Happy Wednesday! If ever we need a break and some lighthearted cuteness, this is the week. I wanted to share with you one of my recent obsessions-- Sloths! It all stated when a friend stumbled me this sloth blog. I was hooked. I spent hours and hours watching sloth videos on YouTube and researching if they allow sloths as pets in Hoffman Estates...(sadly, I don't think they do)

Here are my sloth finds from etsy. Just so you know, my birthday is in September and I would love to receive any of these items. Now you know.

Not quite convinced about the cuteness that is the sloth? Check out this video of sloths in a bucket (i hear it's their favorite way to travel...)

(wait, what does it say about me that one of my other favorite things are snails?)