Wednesday Inspiration- Sloths

Happy Wednesday! If ever we need a break and some lighthearted cuteness, this is the week. I wanted to share with you one of my recent obsessions-- Sloths! It all stated when a friend stumbled me this sloth blog. I was hooked. I spent hours and hours watching sloth videos on YouTube and researching if they allow sloths as pets in Hoffman Estates...(sadly, I don't think they do)

Here are my sloth finds from etsy. Just so you know, my birthday is in September and I would love to receive any of these items. Now you know.

Not quite convinced about the cuteness that is the sloth? Check out this video of sloths in a bucket (i hear it's their favorite way to travel...)

(wait, what does it say about me that one of my other favorite things are snails?)

Photo Friday- Greenery

Digital Photography Field Trip Class- July 2010
Photo Friday- Greenery

Boy, I would love to see some green! We're in the middle of winter-- no green things for about 2 more months. I can't complain too much-- it's been a tremendously mild winter, and for that, I'm thankful. Thank you el Nino or la Nina. Let's keep this up until March, k?

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends. Me? I plan to lay low this weekend. I am scheduled to do a newborn photoshoot on sunday, but unless I'm feeling 99% better, I may have to cancel. I don't want to get a little newborn sick (that's kinda bad for business, right?). In the meantime, I'm gonna rest up, drink copious amounts of tea, and sleep as much as I can.





Photo Friday- Graceful

Photo Friday- Graceful

So, when I'm not taking photos cool gizmos and gadget at my real job, or of lovely handmade creations at my fun part time job, I'm photographing kids, families, and couples with my new gig, A Different Light Photography. This shot is one of our photo sessions over the summer!