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Friday Photo Roundup - November 17

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week! This week was pretty low key. I painted a lot, but not anything for my upcoming craft shows. I'm in love with a new painting technique you might have heard about-- acrylic paint pouring. I know, I know. It's the trend du jour, but I just love it. I'll post a few pics of the ones I've made that turned out super pretty. This weekend though, I HAVE to work on craft show prep-- no excuses.

This week's photo roundup features more of my favorite waterlilies from the Chicago Botanic Garden. I miss the Garden (and nice weather and sunshine...) I don't go often this time of year because it gets dark so early, I don't have a chance to make it there after work before the sun sets. But, thankfully, I have tons of photos to get me through the long dark winter!

02-tranquil waterlily.jpg

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and maybe get out and enjoy the last bits of autumn!



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Friday Photo Roundup - September 29

Oh goodness! How is it already the end of September! Last I remember, I was writing about how glad I was it was finally September, and how I had all of these amazing adventures planned out. It's been a fantastic month. We celebrated G's birthday with an amazing dinner downtown with his family. We went on a 8 day adventure to Sedona (OMG! It was amazing!) and celebrated my birthday. I visited pumpkins (shhh! I'll liberate them when G isn't around...) and went to the Garden to check on signs of fall. I also signed up to be a part of a craft market in December (oh boy! This will be a whole new adventure! I'll update you with more details a little later.)

Here we are. End of September. I didn't update my flickr while we were on vacation. I've made it a habit to upload an image to flickr on the days that I go to work. So, on my days off and while I was out of town, I didn't upload any photos. I did post photos everyday while on our Sedona adventure on my Instagram. If you're curious, go check it out! I'll post more about our adventure and post more photos a little bit later.

Since I was home and working most of last week, I did manage to upload a few photos! They are from my last to the garden way back at the end of August. Enjoy!

end of season waterlily.jpg



I hope you have a lovely weekend and you get a chance to get out and enjoy some fall weather and PSL's!




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Friday Photo Roundup - September 1

How is it September already?! Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset at all. It is my most favorite month. First of all, I feel like September 1 is the unofficial start of Pumpkin everything season (no complaints here!) AND, it's our birthday month. <insert crowd cheering noises> This September is going to be full of photo adventures and cake.

This weeks photos are from my last trip to the Botanic Garden. I wanted to showcase more almost-the-end of season flowers that I cannot get enough of, like waterlilys, passion flowers, and those yellow Helenium (also known as sneezeweed!) Enjoy!

august waterlily by april bern photography
passion flower by april bern photography
late summer hosta by april bern photography
sneezeweed and bee.jpg
blue flowers by april bern photography

I hope you have a good weekend and a fantastic start to your September!



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Friday Photo Roundup - August 25

Happy Friday!
This week was great! I painted and made a ton of progress on my latest succulent painting. I made plans for a new painting, new posts for the blog, and new items my shops that I'm super excited about. And, I went to the garden. I can't ask for anything more. It was wonderful week. 

With summer (sadly!) coming to a close, I wanted to post flowers that are quintessentially summer. That means sunflowers, Japanese anemones, and bright yellow daisies! I hope you enjoy this weeks photos from Flickr.

Summer Sunflower
japanese anemones by aprilbern photography
my favorite cactus by april bern photography
summer dasies by april bern photography
Harvest by april bern photography

If you need more lovely photo inspiration, follow me on over on Instagram. I post flowers and pretty things as well as behind the scenes photos every day!


Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy this last weekend of August!



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Friday Photo Roundup - June 23

Happy Friday! This week was pretty quiet. I spent most of it sitting outside and enjoying my patio. I also painted a lot. As of today, I think I only have 20 days left of my #the100dayproject. Crazy right?

This weeks photos were from my last visit to the Botanic Garden a few weeks ago. They have a new summer show called Brazil in the Garden, which features bright and bold plants native to Brazil and the tropics. I can't wait to check it out and share my photos with you!

succulents by april bern photography
Summer Peony by april bern photography
Ivy Leaves photography by april bern
Purple Iris
Summer Dahlia by april bern photography

I hope you have a lovely weekend and have a chance to get outside and enjoy the first weekend of Summer!



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Friday Photo Roundup - April 7

Happy Friday! We made it! High fives all around!

This week was pretty exciting. We adopted (well, my mom adopted) a little rescue dog. Her name is Molly and she's a two year old Chihuahua and Boston terrier mix. She was rescued from a hoarders house where she lived in a crate for her entire two years of existence. She's the sweetest little pup. She's super clingy with my mom and will not leave her side (or chair.) We're working on giving her lots of love and attention and building up her confidence. Photos and a proper introduction coming soon!

This week was also the start of The 100 Day project. Every evening after dinner I locked myself inside my studio and tried to paint small 6x6 abstract paintings. It's.... going. It's actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. But I haven't quit yet! Follow me on Instagram and keep up with my 100 day project.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this weeks photos. These are all from last spring at the Garden.

Hosta fine art photography by april bern photography
Red and White Rose by april bern photography
spring daffodils by april bern photography
spring blooms by april bern photography
spring lilacs by april bern photography

Today I'm headed back to the Garden in order to capture and document spring happening. I really feel like spring sneaks up on us. One minute, trees and flower beds are bare, and then BOOM! Leaves and flowers happen, practically overnight! I want to capture moments that help me savor this brief season. This trip also marks the beginning of my much anticipated tulip stalking adventures. Yeah tulips, I'll be watching you.  (Be on the lookout for updates!)


I hope you have a lovely weekend!



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Friday Photo Roundup - March 24

Happy first week of Spring! This is my most favorite time of year, hands down. The days are noticeably longer, everything is starting to become green again, my most favorite flowers will bloom in a few short weeks, and it's perfect sweater weather.

Bonus points if you can name my favorite flowers...

This weeks photos are all about spring. I can't wait to go back to the garden and photograph and document more spring!

spring lilacs by april bern photography
fern by april bern photography
orange tulip by april bern photography
snowdrops - first sign of spring by april bern photography
spring tulips by april bern photography



I hope you have a wonderful weekend and have a chance to get out and enjoy these first few days of spring!

See you next week!


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Friday Photo Roundup - March 3

Hello and welcome to Friday! How was your week?

This week, I'm still feeling the Orchid love. I don't think I will ever tire of seeing and photographing orchids. Their diversity is truly astounding. I think my favorite orchids, however, are the ones that have colorations and designs that make it look like they have wings, big smiling faces, or a tiny body in a dress...

Chicago Botanic Garden Orchid Show 2017 april bern photography
Orchid - april bern photography
Moth Orchid - april bern photography
vibrant ochids - april bern photography
beautiful orchids - april bern photography


Have a great weekend!


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