Photo Friday- Greenery

Digital Photography Field Trip Class- July 2010
Photo Friday- Greenery

Boy, I would love to see some green! We're in the middle of winter-- no green things for about 2 more months. I can't complain too much-- it's been a tremendously mild winter, and for that, I'm thankful. Thank you el Nino or la Nina. Let's keep this up until March, k?

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends. Me? I plan to lay low this weekend. I am scheduled to do a newborn photoshoot on sunday, but unless I'm feeling 99% better, I may have to cancel. I don't want to get a little newborn sick (that's kinda bad for business, right?). In the meantime, I'm gonna rest up, drink copious amounts of tea, and sleep as much as I can.