i gotta tell you-- going out to the big bad scary burbs last Friday to have coffee with my oldest friend in the world, O, was awesome! I love that girl. And i love her daughter!!! Later tonite, i'll scan some drawings and fun scribblings that her daughter drew!!!
Can you believe I've known O since kindergarten? Well, we weren't quite the best of friends back then (she thought I was a big dork for a few years, especially after I spilled grape juice all over her math homework... oops!) She got over that little "accident" and we've been friends ever since!

It was nice to connect with her again. For some reason we'll connect, see each other once or twice, then not see each other for a few years. I feel terrible as a friend that I wasn't around when was going through some tough times. I think part of the reason is that I always wait for the other person to call-- this time, I'm not going to wait!!!