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Painting- A Year in Review (2014)

2014 was a great year for painting! I started (and FINISHED) a whopping 17 paintings. If you know me, you know that I start a ton of things, but don't have a track record for finishing them. I'm pretty impressed that I finished so many AND I even managed to sell 3 of them.

Here's what I worked on last year:

Collection of Oil Paintings done in 2014

These two weren't quite dry when I took the group shot! (but they are done!)

Coffee Cup Painting
Rose Oil Painting

These are the three I sold (so excited!!!!) Wait, what? You didn't know that I have paintings for sale? You bet'cha I do! You can find what's listed and available here. If you're interested in one of the paintings shown above that I haven't listed yet, drop me a line and let me know!

Ginko Painting
Orchid Painting
Succulent Painting

So for 2015, my painting goal is create 20 paintings (**gulp**) and to sell more than 3! So far, i've got one started that's almost finished. One (almost down), 19 to go!

Look! It's almost done! My first painting of 2015!!! :D

Look! It's almost done! My first painting of 2015!!! :D

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New Directions...

I've been struggling for YEARS over what to blog about. Do I blog about my photography? Do I blog about my paintings? According to all the entrepreneurial how-to blogs I read, I need to find my niche, tribe, and circle and cater my blog and writing to them. (Is there a niche that caters to painters who also create photographs? Or photographers who also paint?)  I've had the hardest time trying to separate my painter/artist self from my photographer self. I've come to the conclusion (finally!) that I just can't do it. It's not me. I'm a painter. I'm a photographer. It's all entwined into who I am and I would be doing a great disservice to everyone (but, mostly myself..)  if I only talked about one of those endeavors.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom-Anaïs Nin

So, here I am. Painter. Photographer. Owner of small businesses. Crafter. DIY lover. Pinterest fiend. Terrible knitter. Plant rescuer (and cacti killer.) Girl who recently fell in love with cooking and baking but hates to sweat...I'm all of the above. All at once. And that's what I should be blogging about (maybe not all at once...)

I'm feeling a little bit better about blogging and where I'm headed from here. I don't think I will continue posting the handmade weekend interviews. Don't get me wrong-- I LOVE handmade and wholly support the craft and maker movement. I will think of some other way to give a shout out to creative entrepreneurs. I might bring back Five Things Friday. Or not. Tell me, what would you like to see more of?


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Goals Roundup- Week 1

It's not even been two full weeks and I have fallen off the New Year Goal wagon already (I haven't worked out in 4 days!)! I realize that I need some accountability to hold me to these goals. so... here we go...

1. 365 project: So far, I'm on track with this one!


1. Day 1, 2. Day 2, 3. Day 3, 4. Day 4, 5. Day 5, 6. Day 6

2. Work out at least an hour a day: well.... I think an hour might be an overly ambitious goal, especially with the wii fit. It seems that for me to accumulate an hour of workout time on the wii, I need to devote at least an hour and a half to it.

12/31- 30min

1/1- 1 hour

1/2- 1 hour

1/3- 30 min

1/4- 1 hour

1/5 & 1/6- NONE :(

I took the weekend off, and now it's Wednesday and I haven't worked out since Friday. Looks like I have a date with my wii tonite.

3. Cut out sugar and eat fewer carbs eat more veggies: That's a pretty vague goal. I'm going to amend this to eat more veggies (at least two servings a day) instead of less carbs. I drank my coffee this week (with the exception of some truly awful diner coffee) sans sugar. But I did eat some cookies and had some chocolate. For the most part, I did well on the living without sugar. I can do better, though.

4. Finish Projects: First project nearly complete: felted clogs. Only one more step left before this one is knocked off my list! My yellow scarf is nearly complete. I estimate that this will be completed next weekend.

5. Home Projects:  Happy to report that the last two curtain rods have been purchased. One curtain rod has been installed in the loft and and has temporary curtains--this of course means that the bedroom now has none so we'll call this goal half complete.

Hopefully posting this will keep me accountable, honest and on track. I would love any encouraging words, or any tips you have to help me stay on track with these goals. Oh, and feel free to call me out when I don't post (most likely due to me slacking with one/all my goals). Sometimes, I need tough love!

Let's do this!