Goodbye, Scooter...

What a sad weekend-- my other bird, Scooter, died. We came home Saturday night and noticed that he was laying on the bottom of the cage, weak, and had trouble breathing.

Scooter, my special bird

He had been a little out of sorts for the past few days, but this was so much worse! We called around to find a vet that was open (it was really really late!) and that would take exotic pets. Apparently, parakeets are considered exotic... We finally found one in Elmwood Park that was open and that could see him. Thank you, Midwest Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital, who were nothing but wonderful and compassionate.

It turned out that Scooter had some sort of mass or tumor (possibly cancer) that was causing his air sacs to fill with a ton of awful brown bloody-ish fluid which was causing the respiratory distress. The vet recommended we put him to sleep. She could have removed all the fluid and sent him home with antibiotics, but the fluid would come back and he would suffer more. So, I agreed to have her put him down. This was such a hard decision. I felt (and still feel) like an awful pet parent. I have never had to make that sort of decision about a pet before. It's so easy to say that animals should be put down so they don't suffer anymore, but it's not that easy to do. I cried. I know he was only a little special parakeet, but I've had them (he and Pegleg) close to 7 years. They were family. How can you give someone consent to end the life of your family member? With Pegleg's passing, it was a little easier. We just found him already dead on the bottom of the cage. He wasn't sick (that we knew of) and we didn't have to make that grave decision. 

It's so quiet in the house now. There were no loud squawks  this morning, no little cheeps and gibbers to listen to during the day. He was my little love parakeet. He always gave little love nibbles when you put your finger up to his beak.  He would eat out of your hand rather than eat your hand like his bloodthirsty brother. He was definitely the sweetheart of the two birds.

Goodbye Scooter. You too, will be missed.  I only hope that where you are, both of your legs work and you're with your brother making lots of noise. 


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Goodbye, Pegleg...


It's with a heavy heart that I tell you that one of my special birds, Pegleg, passed away today. We're pretty sad at home. Scooter, Pegleg's brother, keeps looking over the side of his little platform down to where Pegleg's lifeless body was found. Scooter seems lonely now. He has no one to chatter with, no one to bully him, and no one to help him preen all those hard to reach areas.

Pegleg was a good bird. He had a lot of spirit, a lot of gumption. He was feisty. And he liked blood. A lot. And by that I mean that if you were just a little too slow getting your hand out of the cage, he'd find your finger and hold on for dear life. He was also a bully to his slightly smaller brother. He liked to spend hours checking out the pretty bird in the mirror. 

You will be missed, Pegleg. The three of us will miss your cacophonic chattering, your bloodlust, and your presence.  You were a good special bird and I'm glad I got to take care of you for all these years. I only hope that where you are, both of your legs work. </tear>