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New Art Studio Update - Part 2

Hello! Been quite some time, eh? My little guy was born at the end of March, and the past 4 months have been an absolute dizzying whirlwind! I’m back at work (boo!) and we’re getting into good daily rhythm. I’m learning to make the most of my limited time in the evenings after he goes to sleep. It’s amazing how much I can cram into two hours in the evening! Where was this focus before?

Just before we went back to work, we finally got new desks for our studio/loft space and now I feel the studio renovation is mostly complete. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our desks and the whole set up! We didn’t create the total DIY desk that we originally planned. That was NOT feasible with a newborn!! I didn’t want a store bought desk though. They didn’t offer the space or look that I wanted. We went the semi DIY route with parts from IKEA. We used three bookshelves as the base, and solid beech wood tabletops as our desktops.

New Studio Desk - Step One.

We decided to use these shelves as a base because we wanted storage options, especially since my studio space is now a lot smaller than it used to be. I love the open shelves and if we wanted to get inserts or baskets, we can easily. We chose the solid wood because I didn’t want cheap looking particle board desktop. I wanted something larger too. We were about to give up on the DIY idea until we passed by this tabletop in the Kitchen section.

New Art Studio Desk - Step 2
New Studio Derk - Final

There it is! The perfect desk set up for us! Can you tell which side is mine? The Studio renovation is coming along nicely and I’m quite happy with the whole set up. It’s comfortable, cozy, and I have a great space to paint plus a desk space that’s large enough for my computer and work space for non-computer related projects.

Brand New Art Studio

Here are a few things we bought to create our studio space:

studio furniture.jpg
  1. OttLite Natural Daylight LED Flex Lamp.

  2. MOPPE mini storage chest

  3. Teal 3 tier storage cart

  4. KALLAX shelf unit

  5. GERTON tabletop

  6. Wooden H frame easel

  7. Indira Green Area Rug

  8. RÅSKOG utility cart

Next up on my studio to-do list is to move the rug over so that it’s under my chair, pick up/put up art, wall shelves, new curtains, and new chairs.

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Behind the scenes- my studio space

Hey guys! I thought it would be kind of fun to go behind the scenes a little bit and show you my  craft/paint/make space. I'm quite fortunate that (at the moment) I have a second bedroom that I can contain all my stuffs. Right now, it's a complete MESS. I have paintings (some complete, some not) and canvas piled up all over.  Don't let these photos fool you-- I cleaned like a madwoman before I photographed my space! What you don't see is all the junk that's usually on my desk and floor that I moved just outside the room. I moved it all right back when I was finished shooting!

Here's my desktop space. I have remnants of my previous scrapbooking endeavor (i keep this stuffs because I have the grand plan of one day getting back into it), knitting/crochet supplies, my moms cards that are for sale in her shop, and off to the right is my sewing machine that I have a tentative friendship with.

behind the scene- my desk

Here's just one pile of completed paintings... These are looking for a new home if you're interested...

Can I tell you how much I LOVE my new easel (it was a gift from G two Christmases ago. I. LOVE. IT.) I also really like my painting space up here. The window is off to my left (very important for me) so i get to look outside while I paint and I get a ton of natural light. I have a record player and a bunch of records in the back corner and really good speakers next to me so I have plenty of tunes to listen to while I paint (I also hook up my phone with my iTunes to the record player and rock out.) I even have a space for my coffee!

This is the only room in my house where my paintings are hung. (Actually it's the only room in the house where anything is hung on the walls...)


So, yeah-- this is my little space! I'd love to hear what you think-- leave a comment in the comments section below!


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