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The Diana Lens: the last photo

So, about two weeks ago, I went to the Garden and tried out my Diana Lens. It was a fabulously perfect evening-- the sun was starting to set. I was experimenting with my Diana Lens and LOVING it. Seriously. I was sitting in the Japanese Garden in my favorite little spot and was shooting the sunset across the little lake. Absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to get the pilings next to the shore in the shot along with the sun reflecting on the water-- I got one shot and as moved to get closer-- PLOP! the Diana Lens fell right into the lake!!!

Fortunately, I fished it out of the lake (it floated!) I think it's okay. It's all plastic-- there are no mechanical parts to be damamged... I haven't tried it out yet--it's been drying on a towel all this time.  I'm going to try it out this weekend. Please keep your fingers crossed that it still works and looks okay!

Here are some other shots I took with that lens (prior to dropping it in the lake!) See what I mean? Don't they look so dreamy? Look at those fabulous sun flares!

hello wednesday!



My uglydolls, Jeero, Babo, and Ox-- straight chillin' at my desk.

what's this button do?

what's this button do?



Hope you have a great week!




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happy friday and new project in the works!

happy Friday! It's supposed to be near 40 ° today-- I'm so excited to not freeze my butt off when I walk the 60 feet to my car. This winter is seeming like it's dragging on and on. I suspect its no worse than any previous winters i've been through, but man, it seems long. Very long. And it's not over yet.

I've got nothing new to show this week-- This week just flew by and I was completely unprepared! I wanted to list my blue coffee cup painting, but I didn't have a chance to finish painting the edges. I will definitely finish it this weekend (tonight in fact!) It looks awesome and I love it!

Soooo.... I've been listening to crafty podcasts lately. A lot. I had to remove most of my music from my nano to make room all the podcasts I've downloaded. (for fear of sounding like a complete nerd, I'm not going to mention what podcast I've been listening to most) Anyways, the host of this particular crafty podcast talks to different artists every week and she's had a number of polymer clay folks on. WOW! Polymer clay ain't what it used to be-- I used to only think it was for these "cane" sorts of things:
polymer clay cane

oh no, my friends. there are so many ways to use polymer clay! I was surfing etsy the other day (aaaahhh.... so that's where my time went...) and found so. many. cool. things.
polymer clay creations polymer clay creations

  • summer days are comming

  • Heart Like A Wheel Polymer Clay Heart Pendant

  • Sunshine Yellow Calla Lily Earrings

  • Eraelynia

  • Aren't they just the coolest?
    So this weekend I'm going to run to Michaels and pick up a little pack of fimo and play around a bit!!!! I would LOVE to take a class (so, if any of you know of any classes in the Chicagoland area, let me know!!!!)
    Have a great weekend!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve celebration and you were with friends and family that you love. I wish for all of you a happy, healthy, and successful 2009!!!! Thank you everyone who has stopped by to read my little 'ole blog!!!

    So, now that it's the new year-- do you have any resolutions that you'd care to share?

    I'm still in the process of making mine, but of course, I have the usual (eat better, exercise more,  and so on) and I also have a few for my "business."  For one thing, I'd like creativeapples designs to be a business, and not just a hobby.  I'd also like to focus on painting too. When I get more of a plan together, I'll share it-- right now, it's a little too late to be thinking and blogging!!!

    Good night!!

    and you know what? Really, who cares if no one likes them. I love them. Each and every one.

    hot chocolate goodness

    Tonite, we're going to attempt to make real hot chocolate!! (well, d will make it, I will drink it!) we found the recipe at Lucullian Delights

    2 rather big cups

    4 tblsp high quality cocoa powder
    3-4 tblsp sugar
    4 tblsp corn starch
    400 ml/1,7 cup milk
    spices or some other desired flavor

    - Mix cocoa, sugar and corn starch very well.
    - Pour milk into a pan and then add the dry ingredients while you whisk.
    - Bring to the boil under constant stirring until it has reached the desired density.
    - Drink and enjoy!

    seems easy enough! I can't wait!

    sooo...it turned out exactly like..... chocolate pudding! Here's d's account of what happened: Microwaves and Pacemakers

    september means pumpkins!!!!

    I'm always so excited when September rolls around!!! September means sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, going to Goebberts farm to take photos of the pumpkins, and every cooking magazine and website start featuring pumpkin recipes!

    this week, I want to try making this:

    Cranberry Pumpkin Cookies

    Don't they look awesome! And they seem pretty easy too!(I like easy. the less steps, the better...)

    You can find the recipe here:  Cranberry-Pumpkin Cookies

    I'll let you know how it goes and post a pic of the results!

    Do you have a favorite pumpkin recipe? Don't keep it to yourself! Leave a comment below with a link to your favorite pumpkin recipe and I'll try making it and let you know how it turns out and if I find a new fav!


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