hot chocolate goodness

Tonite, we're going to attempt to make real hot chocolate!! (well, d will make it, I will drink it!) we found the recipe at Lucullian Delights

2 rather big cups

4 tblsp high quality cocoa powder
3-4 tblsp sugar
4 tblsp corn starch
400 ml/1,7 cup milk
spices or some other desired flavor

- Mix cocoa, sugar and corn starch very well.
- Pour milk into a pan and then add the dry ingredients while you whisk.
- Bring to the boil under constant stirring until it has reached the desired density.
- Drink and enjoy!

seems easy enough! I can't wait!

EDITED TO ADD: turned out exactly like..... chocolate pudding! Here's d's account of what happened: Microwaves and Pacemakers