i {heart} adorationsoap

hello! Hope you're having a wonderful and warm Wednesday. Temps here are pretty chilly, and much to my surprise-- it's snowing. again. Unfortunately, I woke up too late to take the bus to work. Bring on the sub-arctic temperatures! I'd rather have -37 degrees than have to deal with trying to drive in snow.

Today i {heart} adorationsoap!

adorationsoap adorationsoap

I bought some soap from her Art Fire shop,  (I see she has an etsy shop as well.) This was my first purchase from an Art Fire artist and it was fantastic! The order process was quick and easy. Payment was quick and easy. The whole transaction went super smoothly. When mypurchase arrived,  I opened the envelope and just about fell over-- the soap smelled so good! I could not wait to try them out the next morning.  I bought the spiced pear and the peppermint soap and I thought that they both were fantastic (the pear soap seriously smelled good enough to eat!!!) Long lasting, rich lather, non-drying, and yummy smelling! What more could you want in a soap! I'm looking forward to trying out the spiced apple soap next time! I highly recommend adorationsoap!
so I put my dream out there. Hopefully, my Universe heard it.