Macro Monday-Imperfection

Good morning! Happy Monday! This weekend was quite the busy one! As you know, our friend Adam came in from New Mexico. We took him to all sorts of cool places in Wicker Park on Thursday. Friday we hopped the El and took him to the Art Institute, and had dinner at Italian Village (where I lost my phone!!!) Came home Friday evening and just chilled.

Saturday, Adam was supposed to leave, but we had gotten something like 8" of snow overnight,and it was still coming down! We ventured out for breakfast (c'mon, if you've ever had Walker Brothers Apple Pancakes, you know why) and decided that it was much to perilous outside to venture out anymore. We spent the day cooped up indoors. I think Adam was coming down with the sniffles. Later on in the evening, when the snow stopped, and the roads were safer to drive on, we went to toys 'r us, and to get some coffee. Feeling a little more adventurous, we drove down Lake Shore Drive a bit and took in some city sites.

Sunday morning arrived sunny and clear, so Adam took off toward the great warm southwest.

But my adventures weren't over yet! Sunday we met up with Cindi (aka Dr. Beef) and her beau at the Museum of Sciene and Industry for some learnin' and photography fun! While we had an awesome time with Cindi and Terry, we were disappointed that there were so many sections of the museum that were closed! I don't think we'll be going back there anytime soon.
Whew! What a weekend! I seriously think I need a day or two to relax and recover!!!!

Anyways, today's macro monday theme is Imperfection. I took this shot Friday at the Art Institute. Its a statue representing Horus, the egyptian god of the sky. What I love about this shot is that the sculpture is beautiful, glossy black stone, and looks nearly perfect except for a tiny chipped bit by the wing.  Love it.


Have a great Monday!