New Arrival Friday

Happy Friday!!! I have the day off today! David, Adam, and I will be heading out (in the snow!)Ā  to the Art Institute and checking out a little bit more of the city.Ā  Last night we took Adam all sorts of fun places in the Wicker Park/Ukrainian Villiage area- Rotofugi, Atomix coffeeshop, Quimbys, the Blue Line Cafe (for dinner) and Myopic! It was fabulous!

Due to having spent almost the entire week working at craft fancy and prepping for Adam's arrival, I don't really have anything new in my shops to share, so I will hock something I currently have listed-- my paintings!!!!


These are fairly small (the largest one is 12x12) paintings that would look great on a wall, bookshelf, or a desk!!!Ā  Stop by and check them out!!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!
If I were a suburban resident, I'd be so pissed-- all that money for taxesa dn for what? They don't plow!