this time, I mean business.

yeah, that's right.  RUNNING SHOES.

I've been watching what I eat. I've been eating healthier.  And I still haven't been able to lose weight.

There's only one thing left to do.... exercise...(shudder)

For these first two weeks, we're walking. I'm trying to break in the new shoes and make sure I won't get blisters. This also will also prep me for running.
When D gets back from Georgia, we're going to start running for one minute, and walking for 6. The next week, we'll run for 2 and walk for 5 (or was that run for 2 and walk for 7...) and we'll gradually (and slowly) build up to 5 minutes of straight running! (I've got such high goals, don't i?)

*sigh* wish me luck guys...